Lightning Protect System

ZICTA Digest
Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) partnering with the African Centre for Lightning and Electromagnetics (ACLE) to confront (mitigate) the increasing threat of lightning on human life, livestock, telecommunication equipment and other infrastructure.
This follows the recent international forum organised by ACLE-Zambia from August 11- 13, 2015 with the theme, ‘Strategic Interventions to Mitigate the Hazards of Lightning’, which brought together government representatives, scientists, meteorologists, and those interested in lightning protection from across Africa as well as experts on lightning safety and electromagnetics from around the world.
This week, we give tips to ICT users on how to protect equipment against lightning which is a natural electrical discharge characterised by high voltage, bright light and thunder, predominately, experienced in the rainy season.
Furthermore, we highlight interventions being taken by ZICTA and other stakeholders to ensure standards for use in averting of damage to infrastructure due to striking of lightning.
Protection against lightning
ZICTA has partnered with a newly launched chapter in Zambia of the ACLE to mitigate the increasing threat of lightning on human life, livestock, telecommunication equipment and other infrastructure. This will be done by way of educating the public of the dangers of lighting and various measures that can be undertaken to mitigate its devastating effects on human lives and that of livestock.
In the same spirit, ZICTA and the Zambia Bureau of Standards have, for some time now, been working on standards for use in protection or prevention of damage to infrastructure resulting from lightning strikes. We are privileged to share information on the Technical Committee (TC) that champions this work and encourage interested experts to come on board.
Protection using standards
A. SC1/1: Damage prevention and safety which develop standards relating to:
• Lightning protection and earthing of telecommunication systems
• Resistibility and safety in telecommunications
• Protective components and assemblies. By Online User

This is an abstract taken from one of the media companies.

The question is, How much of this information do we know about our  Lightning protection system on our plants and equipment’s?

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